How do I maintain my phlebotomy certification status?

Maintaining phlebotomy certification requires ongoing commitment to professional development and adherence to certification renewal requirements. Depending on the certifying organization, common renewal requirements may include:
  • Completion of a specified number of continuing education credits or contact hours related to phlebotomy practice, infection control, patient safety, or other relevant topics.
  • Passing a recertification exam to demonstrate continued competency in phlebotomy practice.
  • Payment of a renewal fee to maintain active certification status.
  • Adherence to any additional requirements specified by the certifying organization, such as submission of documentation of work experience or participation in professional development activities.

Phlebotomy practitioners should review the renewal requirements and deadlines provided by their certifying organization well in advance of their certification expiration date and ensure they fulfill all requirements to maintain their certification status without interruption.

Please refer to the NPCE CPT page for renewal requirements.